We recommend transitioning to the Crescendo™ vocabulary introduced in Proloquo2Go version 4. Crescendo has several advantages:

  • You can quickly switch vocabulary levels and grid sizes while keeping your customizations. This reduces the risk of getting stuck in a vocabulary with extremely limited language.
  • Crescendo’s core word templates support motor planning and provide quick access to the most frequently used core words from within fringe folders.
  • The Intermediate and Advanced Core vocabulary levels provide access to Progressive Language. With this feature, you can gradually reveal core words. As you show new words, buttons the user has already learned stay in the same place.

Check if a user already has a Crescendo vocabulary

Go to Options* Options icon > Vocabulary. A Crescendo user will have a section called Vocabulary Level. This will be set to Basic Communication, Intermediate Core, or Advanced Core. If you do not see this, you will need to create a new Crescendo user.

Create a new Crescendo user

  1. Go to Options Options icon > User.
  2. At the bottom of the list of users, tap Add User.
  3. Follow the prompts. In the Vocabulary section, keep the default Crescendo setting. Tap Next.
  4. Choose your vocabulary level. We generally recommend keeping the default Intermediate Core selection. For more information, tap About Vocabulary Levels at the bottom of the screen. Tap Next.
  5. At Orientation, rotate your screen to the orientation Proloquo2Go will be used in. Tap Next.
  6. Choose a grid size. We recommend choosing a grid size with many buttons per screen but where the buttons are not too small for the user to see and touch. Tap Next.
  7. If you want to make the vocabulary bilingual, toggle Include Additional Language ON. Once you select Next, Proloquo2Go will guide you to choose a language, region, and voice.
  8. If you want to use an existing user’s access settings, toggle Import Preferences to ON. Choose which user, then select Next.
  9. Continue following the prompts to finish creating your user.

Transfer the old user’s customizations

You can now selectively copy and paste customized buttons and folders from the old user into the new one. For step-by-step instructions, see Share buttons and folders between users.

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*On iPhone and iPod touch, you will find the Options button in the Tools popup at the far left of the bottom toolbar.