About us

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Founded in 2000, AssistiveWare is a leading pioneer in the field of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and assistive technology software for iOS and macOS, with over 350,000 customers worldwide.

Who we are

AssistiveWare's journey started more than 20 years ago when Giesbert, a friend of our founder and CEO David, became paralyzed in a car accident. He needed a way to use his computer. David took on the challenge and developed an on-screen keyboard. Giesbert could now access his Mac, use Photoshop, and pick up graphic design again. This keyboard became our first product: KeyStrokes.

We're now leading assistive technology pioneers. We are committed to helping people with communication difficulties through technology and implementation support.

Our headquarters is a beautifully renovated historic building in the heart of Amsterdam. Our team spans three continents, with over ten nationalities and two office cats.

What we do

We want to help build a world without communication barriers. We are proud to collaborate with our community to make sure our apps best serve their needs. Our users play a crucial role in who we are.

Our key milestones include:

We know there is more to do, so we'll continue to innovate and collaborate. We look forward to sharing our progress with you!

Contact us

We welcome you to get in touch with us at any time.

Meet the AssistiveWare team

‘Communication defines who we are and how we relate to others. I want to help enable everyone to communicate and make a difference in the world.’

David Niemeijer

Founder and CEO

‘I’m proud that our solutions help people connect to each other.’

Martijn Leopold

Partner and CFO/CTO

Namrata Babu
‘I wish to use design to spread positive energy in a creative manner.’

Namrata Babu

Graphic Designer

‘As a longtime associate of AssistiveWare, I am committed to helping people with their access needs and learning Apple’s built-in accessibility features.’

Joe Barnick

Support Specialist

‘Support is about human interaction, just like communication is. That is the connection we strive for and that makes me feel so proud of my job.’

Enrique Ballesteros

Support Specialist

‘I believe that people without a voice deserve to be helped to find an alternative way to express their dreams, their stories, their sense of humor and their vision of life.’

Magali Barthère

Support Specialist

Rosalinde belzer
‘Taking a closer look at the context of our users will make us see their ‘real’ problems and challenges. It will help us to design the right experience and create useful solutions.’

Rosalinde Belzer

Service Designer

Monica Brondos
‘I’m glad I can contribute to making complex and impactful products and topics understandable.’

Monica Brondos

Communications Specialist

Maggie Casas
‘My goal at AssistiveWare is to make sure that people from all over the world discover the benefits of having access to a robust AAC system.’

Maggie Casas

Senior Communications Specialist

Nieke Frantzen
‘It’s a pleasure taking care of people who take care of people.’

Nieke Frantzen

Office Manager

‘I understand how important reliable support is to our users because 25 years ago when my son was learning how to use AAC, I was the mom asking the questions.’

Pam Harris

Support Specialist

‘With the right AAC tools, we can build language, real communication and genuine connections.’

Amanda Hartmann

Speech Language Pathologist

‘Communication is the pathway to inclusion, and I want to support our users on their journey as much as I can.’

Patty Heine

Support Specialist

Muriël Kok
‘I am entitled to listen to our (potential) users every day. It has put market research into a new perspective and really showed me the meaning of my profession.’

Muriël Kok

Senior Researcher 

Joop Laan
‘It’s an honor and a joy to be part of the team at AssistiveWare dedicated to making software that has a meaningful impact on many people’s lives.’

Joop Laan

Team Coach

Alegandra Montero
‘I like to teach people new eating habits using the flavors of the world.’

Alejandra Montero


Dorrit Nijhuis
‘I love what our work combines: a commitment to delivering quality products and striving to make the world a better place.’

Dorrit Nijhuis

Senior Finance Officer

Isabel Orellana
‘Everybody deserves a voice. I love being part of this endeavor!’

Isabel Orellana

Support Specialist

Olga Reutelingsperger
‘Don’t be so sure. Let’s listen carefully to create solutions that improve people’s lives every day.’

Olga Reutelingsperger

Product Manager

‘We can do this! Together, we can make communication and self-determination accessible to every single person.’

Erin Sheldon

Special Education Specialist

Michiel Teengs
‘Being a Product Owner in an organization with such an awesome social mission, that improves people’s ability to communicate, makes my job the best!’

Michiel Teengs

Product Owner

‘Our users are everything, taking care of them is easily one of the most rewarding things you can do.’

Steven Verschueren

Support Specialist

Yefan Wang
‘Design is about problem-solving and creating experiences. Make it simple and delightful.’

Yefan Wang

UX Designer

‘Everyone has the right to communicate! I want to expand the AAC knowledge to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to communicate.’

Barbara van ’t Westende

Speech Language Therapist

‘Those who can not communicate are often underestimated. By offering them means to communicate, we give them the ability to express, grow, and show us who they really are.’

Willemijn Wetzels

Speech Language Therapist

We’re hiring

Have you always wanted to work for a company with a social mission? This is your chance!

At this time, AssistiveWare is looking for: