Before you start scanning, you will need to press the Digital Crown and tap the Proloquo2Go app icon. Usually a support person will need to perform this part of the process.

Choose Use as Switch mode

First, open the Proloquo2Go Watch app.

If this is your first time opening Proloquo2Go for Apple Watch, it will ask you to choose whether to use it for communication or as a switch. Pick Use as Switch.

If the Proloquo2Go Watch app opens showing phrases or icons, it is in Communication Mode. You can switch modes in the Proloquo2Go Options on your iPhone (found in the Tools popup Tool pop-up icon). Scroll down to the bottom of the Options, then select Mode. Pick Use as a switch.

Start scanning

  1. The Proloquo2Go Watch app will show a blue Play button. Tap this to start the scan.
  2. You will now see a Switch button with a green checkmark. Tap this when the scan gets to the item you want to select.
  3. To stop scanning, press down hard (force-touch) the Apple Watch face, then tap the Stop button that appears.

Depending on your needs, you may need to adjust the scanning settings. You can find detailed information in the Choose a scanning mode and pattern support article and the Advanced Scanning Options section of the Proloquo2Go manual. When using Proloquo2Go for Apple Watch, the scan mode will always work like automatic scanning, regardless of your settings in Options > Access Method.

Stop Proloquo2Go from closing

By default, when your Apple Watch screen turns off, the app you have been using closes after two minutes since the last use. You can set your Apple Watch to keep the last app open, so you do not need to reopen Proloquo2Go. To do this, open the Watch app on your iPhone. Go to General > Wake Screen. Under On Screen Wake Show Last App, choose Always.