Check the device’s volume

You can unmute the device or increase its volume from inside Proloquo2Go. First, tap the Options* Options icon button in the bottom toolbar. Then, go to Speech and Language. Drag the volume slider all the way to the right.

Disconnect from peripherals

If your device is in a speaker case or connected to a speaker, remove it from the case or disconnect the speaker to be sure the issue is not with these peripherals.

Check if the message window speaks

Tap a button to insert it in the message window, then tap the message window. If the message window speaks, the Speech Feedback settings have been changed. Go to Options Options icon> Speech and Language. Under Speak Buttons, make sure Message Buttons or All Buttons is selected.

If buttons do not go up into the message window when tapped, see Troubleshooting: Proloquo2Go does not respond to touch input.

If these suggestions do not solve the problem, please contact our support team for further assistance.

*On iPhone and iPod touch, you will find the Options button in the Tools popup at the far left of the bottom toolbar