The Primary Voice reads the message window contents and speaks buttons as you tap them. The Secondary Voice provides preview cues for grammatical inflections. It also reads any auditory cues given when using Scanning or Select on Release as an access method.

To change the voice:

  1. Go to Options* Options icon at the far right of the bottom toolbar.
  2. Go to Speech and Language.
  3. If you have a bilingual user, tap the More Info Icon Info@2X button to the right of the language you want to change the voice for.
  4. Depending on which voice you want to change, select Primary or Secondary Voice.
  5. Tap any voice in the Installed Voices list to make it your new default voice.

If the voice you want to use is not yet installed, see Download or delete a voice.

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*On iPhone and iPod touch, you will find the Options button in the Tools popup at the far left of the bottom toolbar.