Starting with Proloquo2Go 7.7, symbols for genitalia, sexuality, and intimacy have been included in the symbol library. These symbols will not appear on any button in the vocabulary unless you manually add them.

For guidance on the importance of providing access to certain mature words and how to teach their appropriate use, read our blog post.

Create a button or modify an existing button with an explicit symbol

  1. First, go into the folder where you want to add the button.
  2. Tap Edit Edit icon in the bottom toolbar to open Edit Mode.
  3. If the button already exists, tap it to select it. Otherwise, make a new button.
  4. In Text to Speech, type the word you want to add. Note that as you are typing symbol suggestions are offered. To see explicit symbols you need to type the complete word. Typing “adult” will never reveal the symbol for “adulterer”.
  5. For some words there are multiple symbols. Hide the keyboard and select the symbol you would like to use from the list of suggestions.
  6. If you do not see the symbol you want tap More Symbols…. This will give you access to the full symbol library. Type synonyms of the word you want a symbol for and select the appropriate symbol. Again, note that symbols for explicit words will only appear if you type the complete word.

Restricting access to explicit symbols

By default, access to explicit symbols will be turned on in Proloquo2Go 7.7 and higher.

We have put measures in place (see above) that users never see an explicit symbol unless one was manually added to a button. However, there is an option to prevent the use of explicit symbols when creating a button.
  1. Go to Options* Options icon> Restrictions.
  2. Swipe down to “Show explicit symbols in” and turn off Symbol Library. Note that this will not remove any buttons with explicit symbols that were already created.

*On iPhone and iPod touch, you will find the Options button in the Tools popup at the far left of the bottom toolbar.