Getting started with Proloquo2Go

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We understand that starting to use Proloquo2Go can be both exciting and overwhelming, “Where do I start?” “Am I making the right choices?” We hope this blog answers those questions and helps to build your confidence and skills.

Pam, a Senior member of our Support team and mom of a Proloquo2Go adult user remembers getting her son’s first device in the mail.

"I held my breath as I was opening the box, my emotions flooding. I knew how important this new journey was going to be for him, for me and for our family.”

All of us at AssistiveWare want to make sure your start with Proloquo2Go is as successful as possible, leaving you and your child feeling confident.

Let's begin with:

  1. Setting up the app for success
  2. Introducing yourself to core words, modeling, and vocabulary
  3. Connecting with other parents in the community on Facebook

1. Getting started with Proloquo2Go

Give yourself some time to watch this free training video on getting started with Proloquo2Go.

2. Core words and helping your child communicate with modeling

Once you have set up your user make sure to take a look at the vocabulary including the core words on the home page.

Core words are important because these words make up about 80% of words used every day. They are the hardest words to learn but they are powerful. The remaining 20% are fringe words—picturable and easy to learn (cookie, dog, McDonald’s and other nouns).

Here is what the home page of the recommended intermediate 7x11 grid size looks like:

Proloquo2go 7x11 grid with I know in the message window

We recommend this grid size when you are starting for many reasons.

1. Having more buttons per screen means the user has to navigate less. This makes it quicker and easier to find words. You can learn more by reading this: Choosing a grid size.

2. There is no evidence to support starting with only a few symbols/buttons.

3. With Proloquo2Go’s Crescendo vocabulary Progressive Language feature, you can hide buttons without changing the grid size. By moving through the Progressive Language steps, you can gradually reveal new buttons in a developmental order. As you reveal new buttons, the buttons the user has already learned do not move around.

Learn more by reading this article and watching the included video: Teaching with Core Words: Building Blocks for Communication and Curriculum

Personalize the vocabulary

Before handing the device over, take some time to personalize Proloquo2Go for your child. Be sure to add the fringe words for the people, places and things your child loves most. They are highly motivating. Here is the link to our Learn AAC article to guide you to personalize vocabulary and systems.

Save a Backup File

Don’t lose your customizations! Be sure to learn how to save a backup file.

You can use iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox. It is worth taking a minute to save a backup every time you make major changes to be sure your customizations stay safe.

Once you have set up your grid size as well as your core and personalized vocabulary, the next step is to start modeling right away.

An adult modelling on a large core word board to child

Modeling is a research-based AAC teaching strategy. Modeling simply means using the AAC system to talk with the AAC user.

Typically developing children learn language by hearing it around them all day in real-life conversations. It can take years before they develop the ability to put together sentences. By modeling how to use Proloquo2Go, you are teaching them. All AAC learners need to see what it looks like to communicate using their AAC systems in real conversations.

3. Connect for more support

Another way to build you confidence and get answers to your questions is to join our AssistiveWare Family member AAC community Facebook group. It’s a warm and welcoming community where you will get helpful tips and share experiences with other families. It is a closed group, so approval is necessary for every member.

It’s a lot of information but you are well on your way now to building a strong foundation. Our AssistiveWare Support team is ready to answer all your questions and provide you with more information to deepen your understanding of AAC best practices and Proloquo2Go. Email our support team 7 days a week at

AssistiveWare AAC Training Series

Have you been using Proloquo2Go for a while, but want to take your skills to the next level? Join our senior Speech Pathologist, Amanda Hartmann as she shares her favorite tips and tricks about Proloquo2Go. In this hands-on practical training, Amanda will demonstrate some lesser-known yet awesome features of Proloquo2Go.


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