Echolalia - what it is and how I use it
You might have read something about echolalia in passing somewhere online, or maybe a professional told you that your child does it. Maybe you’ve heard echolalia is more common in autistic people and other people with developmental differences. I can tell you that I, myself, use echolalia!
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Intermittent, unreliable, insufficient, and expensive speech
There is a lot of space between being nonspeaking and being able to consistently meet all of our communication needs using socially expected amounts of speech. Many autistic people, including me, live in that space and use AAC to communicate at least some of the time.
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Give your AAC app more personality with Apple's Personal Voice
At the heart of every adaptation at AssistiveWare is a singular goal: enhancing the experience of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) users and communication partners. Leveraging Apple's latest innovations, we're excited to integrate transformative features into our suite of AAC apps.
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To my fellow AAC parents - protect the parent/child bond
While learning how to become a supportive communication partner for your child, you need to protect your relationship with your child. Pam Harris, AAC coach and mom of an adult AAC user coaches parents to protect the parent/child bond above all else and shares how. This article is part of AssistiveWare’s team collaboration series, focusing on how all members of the AAC team can work together.
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