Road to Proloquo2Go 4 - Popups and Auto-Close

Picture this: you’re using Proloquo2Go 3 to communicate during an art project. You want to say what color you need next. You could tap a folder button to navigate to the colors folder. The current folder slides away, and the colors folder slides into view - the whole screen changes just to show a few color buttons.

Opening in a popup

For some users, this complete change of the screen can be distracting, especially since all you want to do is “pop up” a few choices, select one, and immediately return to your art folder.
In Proloquo2Go 4, you will be able choose whether to change the whole screen to display a new folder, or “pop up” the new folder so it appears to float above the current folder. This can be useful for new AAC users who may feel lost when navigating from one folder to another, as the popup will show a few choices without taking you completely away from the current folder.
You will be able to open any folder as a popup. However, they will work best for small folders that offer a few related choices, such as colors, flavors, classmates, etc.
Open the Colors folder in a pop-up

Closing a folder

Since a popup is best used for a set of quick choices, it is useful for a popup to automatically close after you have made your choice. It saves you from having to manually close the popup, and makes navigation between the popup and the folder you came from more intuitive for new AAC users. By default, when you tap any button in a popup, the popup will automatically close, returning you to the folder below.
However, sometimes it is not at all useful for popups to close automatically. When an AAC user is exploring and using a new system, he or she may want to push several buttons to hear what they say before making a final choice. In this case, simply turn the Auto-Close Popups feature OFF in the Options. You can turn it back on when the user has more experience with the system.

Tons of control

You may not always want every button in a popup to be able to automatically close the popup. Some buttons in a folder act may as modifiers for other buttons. For example, the colors folder may have adjectives like “very”, “not” or “light” to create phrases such as “very blue”, “not blue” and “light blue”.
It would be annoying if these modifier buttons close the popup, but it would be desirable for the color buttons close the popup. We offer you a way to tell Proloquo2Go which buttons should automatically close a popup and which should not.
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