Let us help you find words with Search

Have you been looking for a word? Let us help you find it!
We are super excited to announce that Search is available in Proloquo2Go 5. And it isn’t the Search that you expected, it is better!
After many requests from our community and lots of development time, Search has been added as a feature in Proloquo2Go 5. Search will allow you to find a word within your Crescendo vocabulary. Proloquo2Go doesn’t just find you the word so you can use it, it also teaches the navigational pathway to find the word. How awesome is that?! By using the Search feature, the AAC user and their communication partner has great opportunities to learn where words fit in their vocabulary system.
Proloquo2Go will not only search words within the Primary and Secondary levels of your vocabulary, but also words in the storage level. This means that even words that are hidden in your Storage can be found. The search feature can also automatically add the words from Storage to your vocabulary. So, if you search for a word that is in Storage, it will appear greyed out. You then have the choice to add it quickly and easily without having to go into Edit Mode.
The best way to get a taste for search is to watch our video:

There are so many things to love about Search! It will be the best and easiest way to find and learn where words are. There will be many incidental opportunities to model spelling words for our emergent literacy learners. And we cannot wait to see what you think!

~ Amanda Hartmann

Amanda is a Speech-Language Pathologist with over 19 years experience working in schools and with families and as a technology consultant. All this has led to a passion for working with children and young adults with disabilities and learning difficulties. She gives lectures on Augmentative and Alternative Communication at the University of Queensland and loves sharing what she knows about AAC and literacy!


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"Let us help you find words with Search"

Maggy Velasquez's picture

Fantastic news. Thanks to your team my daughter can communicate with us.

Pam's picture

Dear Maggy,

You are so very welcome! We can't wait to hear your thoughts about the new features.



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