New in Proloquo2Go 6: Audio recording

1 minute read • August 29, 2018

In Proloquo2Go 6, we’re implementing one of the oldest and most popular feature requests: adding audio recordings to buttons to replace text to speech. We think the range and customization this feature will allow you to add to the vocabulary will make it a great addition to the app.

The problem

We know that AAC users often wish that they could add more emotion and expression to certain things. For example, they want to be able to cheer along with the crowd for their favorite team. And while you can currently edit the pronunciation of words in Proloquo2Go, we know that some people find it difficult to get certain words, and especially important things like names, just right.

Proloquo2Go with "Record audio" button shown in Edit mode

The solution

To help our users out, we’ve made it possible to record your own audio directly from each button’s edit mode, just like you’re used to adding labels for Text to Speech.

Recordings can last up to one minute, which should be enough time for most expressions and phrases. However, if you need to record something a little longer, like a song, you can also easily label the buttons to know which order to play them.

While we were at it, we also decided to move the pronunciation edit function into each individual button, for easy access.

Audio record pop-up in Edit mode


Written by
Tara Coghlan

Communications Specialist