New in Proloquo2Go 6: AirDrop

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With this update, we’re making it super easy to share your vocabulary with other devices. To do this, we’ve added AirDrop options for buttons, folders, and entire backups.

The problem

We know that sharing across devices is really common, especially for professionals planning out a lesson about a specific subject, and users that interact with multiple devices throughout the day.

We heard from our users that unstable or non-existent WiFi connections were a huge issue for sharing in schools. While we already had some sharing options available, not everyone has a Dropbox or Google account or wants to make one just for this situation. We can also imagine that someone who needs to share materials across a large number of devices wants to find the quickest and easiest way to do so.

Export backup with AirDrop listed in the Export Backup option in Proloquo2Go

The solution

To meet our users’ needs, we decided to take advantage of Apple’s AirDrop functionality, so you can easily share materials between devices close to you without needing a WiFi connection or a separate account.

It’s really simple. First, choose whatever you want to export. Next, open the other device to the folder where you’ll be storing the export (If you’re exporting an entire backup, this step doesn’t matter, as it will be shown in your backups). Now, all you have to do is choose AirDrop from the export menu, select the other device from those available, and there it goes!

Export with AirDrop showing in the list of Share options in Proloquo2Go


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