What is the color coding scheme used in Proloquo2Go? How can I change it?

Proloquo2Go uses a color coding scheme and left-to-right organizational system to differentiate parts of speech. Research indicates that both of these factors support AAC users in quickly locating and combining words grammatically. You can read more about color coding at the following link from AAC Intervention: Color-Coding Communication Systems.

The default color coding scheme in Proloquo2Go is the modified Fitzgerald Key. (See Goossens, C., Crain, S., & Elder, P. (1992). Engineering the Classroom Environment for Interactive Symbolic Communication. Southeast Aug Comm Conference Publications, 2430 11th Avenue, N, Birmingham, AL 35234.) This scheme uses pink for verbs; yellow for nouns; blue for adjectives and adverbs; green for prepositions; orange for pronouns, demonstratives (e.g. this, that), conjunctions, articles, and interjections; and black for question words, phrases, abbreviations, letters, numbers, and punctuation. 

With the release of Proloquo2Go 4.3, the app also includes the original Fitzgerald Key. You can also create a custom color-coding scheme by modifying one of the existing schemes. For instructions on how to do this, see the following section of the Proloquo2Go manual: Color Coding Schemes


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