Customizing with folder properties

This AssistiveWare video will show some of the more advanced customization features of Proloquo2Go 4, including how to change the properties of a folder and all its buttons at once.

  • 00:23 Open Edit Mode and Folder Properties
  • 00:40 Change folder name or top toolbar symbol
  • 00:57 View and change a folder’s template
  • 01:35 About Manual Layout for Each Grid Size folder layout
    Also includes demonstration of how templates change when grid size changes
    • 06:54 Creating a new folder with Manual Layout for Each Grid Size
    • 07:48 Change an existing folder to use Manual Layout for Each Grid Size
    • 08:17 Warning when disabling Manual Layout for Each Grid Size
  • 08:56 Change a folder’s grid size
  • 12:25 Change a folder’s vocabulary level
  • 15:08 Display a folder as a list
  • 16:16 Change a folder’s background color
  • 16:43 Change speech properties for all buttons in a folder
  • 17:44 Changing Default Button Properties for a folder
    • 17:54 Auto-Close when in Popup
    • 18:20 Button appearance
  • 20:22 Revert to Original