Resource Centers

Proloquo2Go app iconOften people wish to see Proloquo2Go or Proloquo4Text and try it out before making a purchase decision. To help address this situation, AssistiveWare supports a Resource Center program identifying independent organizations that provide free or paid Proloquo2Go or Proloquo4Text related services, including:

  • Demonstration iPad and/or iPod touch devices with Proloquo2Go and/or Proloquo4Text installed for viewing and practice
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) evaluations that include Proloquo2Go and/or Proloquo4Text as an option
  • Ongoing AAC or Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) support services that include Proloquo2Go and/or Proloquo4Text
  • Loaner iPad and/or iPod touch devices with Proloquo2Go and/or Proloquo4Text installed 
  • Proloquo2Go and/or Proloquo4Text customization, workshops, seminars and training
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If there is no Resource Center in your area, you may wish to contact your local AAC center, suggest that they acquire an iPad or iPod touch and Proloquo2Go and/or Proloquo4Text and contact us to get listed. In comparison to traditional AAC solutions, Proloquo2Go and  Proloquo4Text are a relatively small investment for a center to be able to serve the community and offer it as an option in evaluations, loaner programs, etc.
Becoming a Resource Center
If you are a member of an organization that provides speech, ABA, or AT services and are interested in becoming a Resource Center, please contact us to learn more about the program and request an application. 
  1. Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text are distributed exclusively through Apple iTunes App Store, which does not support demonstration version or time-limited trials of applications.
  2. Resource Centers are independent from AssistiveWare, may charge for services, and may not offer all the services listed above.
  3. Existing Resource Centers, please contact us with any requested updates to your posted Resource Center information.
  4. Resource Centers are not a source for emergency Proloquo2Go or Proloquo4Text technical support. Technical support questions should be directed to