Quick Communication Boards

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Check out our brand new Proloquo2Go Crescendo quick communication boards. And start using them to support AAC users today!

Download the “Quick communication boards”
And make your own boards today!

When we start using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), we need to set up our environment for success. We make sure that AAC is always available. Is your communication device in arm’s reach? Can you grab it and start communicating quickly? Do you have something to communicate with if your device is not available?

We often recommend printing paper-based alternatives. They can be used as backups to AAC. Printed AAC tools are so easy to print and share.

To support the AAC community, AssistiveWare has developed a set of communication boards. They are based on our Proloquo2Go Crescendo vocabulary. We chose core words, fringe words and included an alphabet. This balance of words gives you the power to say a lot! We have called these boards our Proloquo2Go Crescendo quick communication boards and they are available in English, French, and Spanish. Later this year they will also be available in Dutch

Quick communication boards video
Video of the new Proloquo2Go Crescendo quick communication boards

How to make your quick communication boards:

1. Download the PDF file.

2. Print the 4 pages, double-sided.

3. Laminate the 2 pages.

Laminate quick communication boards
Laminate your quick communication boards.

4. Punch a hole in the corner.

5. Attach to a ring.

6. Hang your quick communication boards anywhere!

Punch a hole in the corner of quick communication boards
Punch a hole in the top corner of the quick communication board to attach to a ring.

Ways to use quick communication boards:

  • Print multiple copies and place them in different areas of the house. Make one available in every room
  • Hang the boards in easy to access locations
  • Attach boards to hip packs and lanyards so you can wear your words
  • Share copies with all team members
  • Send the files to print shops to have poster-sized boards made
  • Make a poster display with the 4 pages
  • Use with students/children that do not yet have their own AAC system
  • Use in messy or wet situations, where an iPad might get damaged
  • Use in outdoor locations, where sunlight on the iPad makes it hard to see
  • Model on these communication boards, when the AAC user doesn’t want you to use their AAC
  • Use when your device is flat or broken or unavailable

What other creative ways can you display and use these communication boards?

Hang quick communication boards in bathrooms
Hang quick communication boards in everyday locations.
Attach quick communication boards on hip packs
Attach quick communication boards to hip packs and lanyards.
Quick communication boards made into a poster
Print the quick communication boards to make a poster.

Quick communication boards in action!

Here are some short videos of our quick communication boards being used during a couple of fun activities.

0527 birthday V2
Talk about birthdays with quick communication boards
0522 lego
Play with Lego and talk with quick communication boards

Time to model

With your quick communication boards in hand, it is time to make a start. You model. You point to words on the boards as you talk together with AAC users. Quick communication boards have plenty of words that let you model language for a wide variety of reasons.

Download your own “Quick communication boards” today
Start using them to support AAC users today!