If you want the very best quality and control over your video, consider the following points:

  • Video taken from within Pictello is 480x360 on all devices, even though the native resolution of the camera is up to 1920x1080 (1080p). A 30 second video is about 2.5MB within Pictello. The full resolution video is saved to the Camera Roll.
  • Video imported from the Camera Roll into Pictello is at most 1280x720 (720p), no matter what its resolution in the camera roll. A 30 second video is about 9MB within Pictello.
  • Users who want the highest quality video, regardless of size, should take their video outside of Pictello and import it into the app. Users who want the smallest possible stories with somewhat less video quality should take their videos inside the app.
  • Users who want very fine control over where the 30 second clips start and end may want to consider editing their videos outside of Pictello into 30 second or less clips and importing them from the Camera Roll.
  • Users should also know that on the iPad, any touch outside the popover with the camera UI will cancel taking or editing the video, and if they're taking a video, a cancelled video will not be saved to the camera roll, so they'll have to start over. To work around this, they should consider taking their videos in the camera app and importing them into Pictello. They will also get higher quality (but larger) video this way.