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Hugo with SLP at school


His world is expanding

At home and at school, Proloquo2Go is making it easier for Hugo to interact. He’s becoming a more interactive member of the family, and his social world is also getting bigger.

Ella laughing


The making of the American children's voices Josh and Ella

Creating the new American children's voices Josh and Ella took more than 2,500 hours of research, recording, processing and development and, of course, the talent of two American children. A behind the scenes look at the project with Josh and Ella in the studio, recording their voices for Proloquo2Go.

What I Did


What I did this morning

Danica has been using Proloquo2Go for about a year. She is now using the app for all sorts of things at school and at home. Proloquo2Go has been a life-saver for the family, as Danica experiences less melt-downs and can finally tell her parents what she did during her day.

Max at the kitchen table using iPad


Tell us, we want to know

Nick is ten years old and was diagnosed with autism. With Proloquo2Go he no longer has to try to be what other people want him to be, because he can now initiate communication and say what he wants.

Getting his message across


Getting his message across - Parents about Proloquo2Go

Andrew has come a long way since he started using Proloquo2Go two years ago. His family is extremely happy that Andrew can now communicate not only with his parents, but also with his extended friends and family network. He no longer gets frustrated trying to get his point across.