When Monty was young, his family could quickly tell that even though he was unable to talk, that did not mean he had nothing to say – in fact, he had a lot to say! Before AAC, he developed his own signs and gestures that he used to communicate many things. But still, he had more to say.

In the last couple of years, he started using Proloquo2Go at school, and he was so quick to learn how much he could get across with a press of a button. Recently, he got his very own iPad with Proloquo2Go so that he can take his voice everywhere. Monty loves to use the app to show you what he’s been learning at school, to talk about animals and tell you about what his family are up to.

Monty loves school, and he has been working really hard on learning to read and spell. With our accessible keyboard, Keeble, on his device, Monty is spelling more and more, with fewer typos and errors. You will often find him practicing words in Keeble, as he loves to learn.

When not at school, you will find Monty enjoying time with his family at home, at church or at rugby. In fact, all of Monty’s family love Rugby League. His dad and 6 of his brothers all play competitively for local clubs. Most Saturdays you will find the family at the rugby fields and Monty loves to be there, watching the games and cheering on his brothers and dad.

At home, he loves to watch Netflix and YouTube; and like most 8 year boys, he loves to play on the PlayStation with his brothers. Other favorite outings are to the movies or the park, and afterwards to McDonald's. He never says no to some fries and chicken nuggets!

Monty is a happy young man, and his personality shines through in everything he does. Proloquo2Go, along with Keeble, is giving Monty the power to say whatever he wants. And the more he communicates, the more we can see the wonderful young person he is, and will become.