Bonita is a friendly and happy 12 year old girl. She was born in Malawi and is the youngest of 4, with 2 sisters and 1 brother. When her father passed away in 2012, Bonita’s mother decided to apply to resettle in Australia. After two years of paperwork and waiting, Bonita and her family were able to move to Australia in 2014. She now lives in Ipswich, Australia with her mother and 2 sisters.

Bonita loves listening to music and watching cartoons on TV. Everyday after school she likes to go to the park. On the weekends, she enjoys spending time with her family and going to church on Sundays. Bonita always has a smile on her face and finds happiness and joy in everyday things.

Bonita has difficulties speaking. She often would communicate by pointing to things as there was much she can not say. In the past year, she started using Proloquo2Go at school. This gave her the chance to communicate more; to ask for things, to answer questions and to talk about books and movies with her friends and teachers. Recently, Bonita got her own iPad with Proloquo2Go and already it is changing her communication at home. Instead of pointing to things, Bonita is trying to make sentences and show her family what she wants to say. We cannot wait to see Bonita’s journey on Proloquo2Go to watch just how far her communication can go!