Loyalty and strength

Andrew describes himself as a quiet guy who can seem aloof and unapproachable. He describes his avatar the same way. The difference, of course, is that Andrew’s player character lives in a virtual world where loyalty, strength and agility are vital characteristics. And Andrew’s characters not only thrive, they compete in tournaments and participate in endgame dungeons. 
Andrew fell in love with video games at age 8, teaching himself how to handle the controller with his one hand. As a result of cerebral palsy, Andrew is unable to talk or walk and only has full use of his right arm. As video games became more complex and controllers changed, Andrew kept finding ways to play.
Gaming is important to me as a disabled individual, because it's something I can do without other people knowing that I am indeed disabled.", Andrew explains.
After learning about Proloquo2Go from a family friend, Andrew sought a way to use the app to audibly chat with his fellow gamers. This opened up a new way to connect with his friends and to form new relationships. With Proloquo2Go, Andrew has found a way to further level the playing field.
On his iPad mini he is using the app as voice control for some of the games and his player character to charge, ready his bow and enter the dungeon to defeat the enemy. The ability to adjust pronunciations to accommodate the often-used acronyms, lingo and language of video games makes Proloquo2Go work so well for Andrew. 
Andrew attributes gaming to helping him become a better person. He has learned what it takes to be a friend and what it takes to be strong. Using his talent as a writer, Andrew reviews games and accessories and inserts his perspective as a disabled gamer. He also contacts developers reminding them that disabled gamers exist and their challenges need to be considered. Andrew hopes to see more people with disabilities become gamers.
Andrew tells us: “I've been playing video games for 22 years. Every day. I play many different games, not just ones I know I can play. Being a gamer is part of who I am. I would recommend gaming to others with disabilities, to get some enjoyment.
Andrew's character Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun


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