The AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom is now OPEN!

Today our Core Word Classroom opens its doors! The classroom offers a large collection of learning resources that are designed to support AAC implementation. These resources can be used for any AAC system that is based on core words. We emphasize the use of AAC best practices such as modeling, communicating everywhere, and communicating for a wide range of reasons beyond requesting. Find out more about the Core Word classroom.
Logo of the AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom
The Core Word Classroom is a beta release. We will be improving and adding more resources based on feedback, so make sure you check back regularly. The focus in this initial release is on schools, but the materials can easily be adapted to home use and use with adults who are learning AAC. We encourage everyone who is supporting an AAC user to join our classroom and learn more.
And all the materials are available free! We’re hoping to see you in the classroom!

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"The AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom is now OPEN!"

Vivian Douglas's picture

Would like to download the poster, where do I find the link

Pam's picture

Hello Vivian,

On the main page of the AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom, scroll down to Strategies and Resources. Click on Core Word Displays.

Please note: We will be adding information about the wall poster sized core word displays soon.



Marcie Simpson-Cox's picture

Trying desperately to learn intro Proloquo2go App for my Son Christian living with DS and speech impairment. I'm challenged by MS neurologically, but wish to give it my all if I could find someone to help me learn to help my Son. Thank you for all your help here so far! Sincerely, Mama Marcie

Pam's picture

Hello Marcie,

Please know we offer a comprehensive collection of free online resources including an e-Learning video series. Families have successfully achieved training outcomes by reviewing the videos and the listed printable PDFs and Tutorials. Our Proloquo2Go resources can be found here:

Plus, we would be happy to help guide you to additional resources to meet your specific needs.

This is a great blog article full of helpful resources: New to Proloquo2Go? Start here

Also, we maintain a list of Proloquo2Go trainers and Resource Centers.  We recently announced our new Proloquo2Go 4 Certification training program that is adding Proloquo2Go trainers with expert knowledge of Proloquo2Go and AAC implementation to the current database.

Members of our AssistiveWare team attend various industry-related conferences and offer training sessions and workshops. Here is a link to our upcoming Events. We encourage you to check in regularly as this list gets updated:

If you have not already, you may want to get connected to our active community of Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text users on Facebook. We invite you join the group here:

You can also reach our support team 24/7 at

Hope this helps!


AssistiveWare Support

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