Press releases


Proloquo2Go 4.0 takes Augmentative Communication to the next level

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 29 April 2015 – AssistiveWare, a leading innovator in the assistive technology market, today announced Proloquo2Go 4.0, a major new release of its award-winning symbol-supported Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app that provides a voice to over 125,000 children, teens and adults who cannot speak. Proloquo2Go 4.0 is designed to enhance language development and communication for AAC users. It also aims to better support parents, teachers and therapists to implement AAC best practices.

New Mac word processor makes reading and writing accessible for everyone

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 27 January 2015 - AssistiveWare today announced the release of its latest Mac OS X application Wrise, which will be introduced at this week's Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) conference in Orlando, Florida. This new addition to the AssistiveWare suite of assistive technology solutions is a word processor for Mac that makes reading and writing accessible for everyone.

AssistiveWare launches Keeble - Accessible iOS 8 keyboard for iPad

Amsterdam, 30 October 2014: Today AssistiveWare announced the release of Keeble, a brand new iOS 8 keyboard that can be used in any iPad app as an alternative to the standard iOS keyboard. Through its accessibility features Keeble allows individuals with fine motor-challenges or vision impairments to type in any iPad app.

AssistiveWare and N2Y now offer 4 reading levels in News-2-You iPad app

Amsterdam, August 26 2014 - Today AssistiveWare and N2Y announced the release of version 2.0 of the popular symbol-supported newspaper News-2-You app for iPad. The News-2-You newspaper is designed for teaching and expanding literacy skills, from basic awareness of symbols and print to reading fluently with comprehension. To support children of all ages and skill levels, the major update now includes four reading levels each week.

Infovox iVox 4.0 adds 31 new natural-sounding TTS voices for your Mac

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - January 28, 2014 - AssistiveWare® and Acapela Group announced today the release of Infovox iVox™ 4.0, which brings to Mac OS X a total of 31 new Text to Speech voices. These include the first ever genuine, natural-sounding bilingual American Spanish-English children's voices, a male bilingual American Spanish-English voice, 16 expressive voices to speak with more emotion, four new specialty voices, a new Polish voice and our first Japanese, Korean and Chinese voices. The unique children's Text to Speech voices are based on recordings by real children speaking in their natural language.

World's first Bilingual Spanish-English Children's Text to Speech Voices

Orlando, January 28, 2014 – AssistiveWare and Acapela Group are proud to unveil the first ever genuine, natural-sounding bilingual American Spanish-English children's Text to Speech voices at the annual Assistive Technology Industry Association conference in Orlando, Florida. Co-developed by Acapela Group, AssistiveWare, and Tobii Technology, these bilingual voices are now available in AssistiveWare’s Proloquo4Text 1.1 text-based communication iOS app that gives a voice to people who cannot speak, AssistiveWare’s Pictello 2.1 visual story-telling iOS app, and in Infovox iVox 4 for Mac. With Infovox iVox, these new voices can be used with any Mac app that supports Text to Speech.

AssistiveWare Proloquo4Text - New Text-based Communication App for iOS

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - 26 November 2013 – Today, AssistiveWare® premiers its brand new text-based communication app for iOS, Proloquo4Text™ with 50%-off introductory pricing. Proloquo4Text provides a voice for people who cannot speak or whose speech is difficult to understand. It offers a customizable single screen layout for easy conversation, free natural-sounding voices in 15 languages, word and sentence prediction, social media sharing, numerous options for personalization and much more.

Pictello 2.0 for iOS allows kids to add videos to their visual stories

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - 9 September 2013 - Today AssistiveWare announced Pictello™ 2.0, a new release of its popular visual storytelling app for iOS. Leading the list of new features is video support and story sharing via AirDrop with iOS 7. Now kids using Pictello 2.0 can enhance their visual stories and talking photo albums with short video clips using the built-in camera on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or choose a video already available in their camera roll. Once complete they have one more way to share their Pictello stories with others using AirDrop, no wi-fi access needed!