Keedogo is designed for children and young students who just started to read, write and type. By providing a simplified layout, with just the essential keys, Keedogo is designed to help early writers focus on developing typing skills. Additional learning features include lowercase letters, colored vowels and the option to select an ABC layout. Children will furthermore appreciate the colorful, large, school-friendly font. Keedogo adheres to iOS' strictest privacy model so that no user data can technically be collected.

Keedogo Plus offers the exact same educational features with the added benefit of self-learning, multi-word word prediction and automatic capitalization to reduce typing efforts.

“Our users have long been asking for an alternative to the standard iOS keyboard geared towards younger students, says David Niemeijer, CEO of AssistiveWare, “With our Keedogo and Keedogo Plus keyboard extensions for iOS 8 students now finally have access to keyboards with lowercase key labels that match the letters they are learning to write. Other key features such as the optional ABC layout and the color coded vowels are designed to support early literacy.”

Keedogo and Keedogo Plus are exclusively sold on the App Store at an introductory price of $1,99 (US), $2,49 (AUS), €1,79 (EU), £1,49 (UK)  and $2,99 (US), $3,79 (AUS), €2,69 (EU) and £1,99 (UK) respectively.

Keedogo and Keedogo Plus are currently only available in English.

Device requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 8 or later
Keedogo Plus
Download Keedogo
Download Keedogo Plus


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