Core Vocabulary

Core words are words that are used most frequently in conversation and writing. Research has shown that a small number of core words such as "I", "you", "want", "it" make up the majority of what we say or write.

core word display

Teaching a core word-based AAC system: The AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom

The AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom is a resource for anyone who is implementing a core word-based AAC system. The materials focus on teaching using core words, as well as expanding communication beyond requesting to all the reasons we communicate, and helping AAC users use the full grammatical possibilities of language. You can download your core word display in the AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom. 

Additional resources: 

  • The Language Stealers - This animated video was created by adults who use AAC as "a story of attribution, exposing the real barriers to communication."
  • PrAACtical AAC- This website has more than 30 articles, videos, and lists all related to teaching Core Word vocabulary.
  • Core Vocabulary 101 - this webinar by Maureen Nevers, MS CCC-SLP is part of the Angelman Syndrome Foundation's Communication Training Series. It provides an introduction to the concept of core vocabulary and why it should be used in AAC systems.

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