Aided Language

Aided Language Input is a research-based strategy to help build a strong foundation for AAC use and language learning In aided language input, when partners (parents, teachers, and therapists) talk to people who use AAC, the partners also use the same AAC system to communicate. This helps teach AAC by example in real-life interactions. 

  • Motivate, Model and Move Out of the Way- This PowerPoint slideshow, aimed at parents and caregivers, explains why and how aided language works in the home.

  • PrAACtical AAC: Aided Language Input- This is a link to a 5-minute screen cast that describes why and how to use this powerful strategy.

  • PrAACtical AAC: Why We Love Aided Language Input- This article links to 4 research articles demonstrating the benefits of Aided Language Input. 

  • PrAACtical AAC: Additional resources- This link will show you all the articles in the PrAACtical AAC blog related to Aided Language Input.


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