What languages does Proloquo2Go support?

Proloquo2Go currently supports English, French, Spanish and Dutch with a fully localized Crescendo vocabulary. Developing the localizations for Proloquo2Go has turned out to be more technically complex and labor intensive than we anticipated. We must translate all symbols and buttons to the new language, and then localize the vocabulary for the language and grammar. As a result, we have had to realign our development plans. We are evaluating the next language we support. This depends on the needs of users, the feasibility of offering a localization, and the fiscal and strategic needs of AssistiveWare.

Users can swap the English voices and vocabulary for non-English voices and vocabulary at no cost. Users can also run more than two languages at a time, which is free for Spanish, French, and Dutch.

Literate users who do not require symbol supports may want to check out Proloquo4Text, our new text-based communication app. Proloquo4Text's user interface is localized in English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch, and supports the use of the app in 18 languages. For more information, please see: What languages does Proloquo4Text support?

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