What vocabularies does Proloquo2Go include?

Proloquo2Go 4 and 5 include the research-based Crescendo™ vocabulary, which facilitates the smooth transition of customized vocabulary contents between the limited, request-oriented Basic Communication level and the two core vocabulary levels. Additionally, in Proloquo2Go 4.3 and later, the Gateway to Language and Learning© vocabulary developed by Joan Bruno, Ph.D. is available as an in-app purchase. To learn more about the differences between Crescendo and Gateway, see our Vocabularies page.

The Crescendo™ vocabulary includes home screen layouts optimized for 23 grid sizes, ranging from 3x3 to 9x16. Grid-size optimized templates support motor planning and provide quick access to the most commonly used core words from within the fringe folders. (To learn more about core and fringe words, please read What are core words?)

The Crescendo™ vocabulary includes three vocabulary levels:

  • Basic Communication is a very basic communication level. It does not support language development beyond basic requesting. Use of this level is not generally recommended.
  • Intermediate Core is a core word vocabulary for communicators learning folder navigation skills. It is designed to support full language development. We generally recommend starting with this level. Intermediate Core provides quick access to the vocabulary needed for requesting, while also allowing for growth. This level includes a core word home page, with folders containing fringe vocabulary linked from the home page. The fringe folders are organized by category, such as Food, Things, People, and Places. Intermediate Core's fringe folders contain more frequently used fringe words on the top level, with access to subfolders containing more words. For example, the top level of the Food folder can be customized to provide quick access to a user's favorite foods, while the Dessert and Snack subcategories provide access to additional, less frequently used words.
  • Advanced Core uses the same core word home page and fringe folder organization as Intermediate Core. The difference between Intermediate and Advanced Core is that Advanced Core relies more on subfolders to organize fringe words. 

Through the Options menu, you can quickly switch between different vocabulary levels and grid sizes. This will not delete your existing customizations. You can always switch right back to the grid size or vocabulary level that you were using before. If you have added customized buttons or folders, they will remain accessible when switching between grid sizes. When switching between vocabulary levels, customized buttons and folders will either be immediately accessible, or accessible through the Storage level of the folder where they were added in the previous level (for more information, see Progressing through Crescendo's vocabulary levels in the manual). 

For more information about the Crescendo™ vocabulary, see our e-Learning video, Introduction to the Crescendo Vocabulary for Proloquo2Go 5.

Note that if you have just updated from Proloquo2Go 3 or earlier, you will need to create a new user with a Crescendo™ vocabulary and selectively transfer the customizations from the old user into it in order to take advantage of all the improvements. For more information, see How can I tell whether I am using a Crescendo vocabulary?

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