Road to Proloquo2Go 4 - Regional Variants

“The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language.”  - George Bernard Shaw
Since Proloquo2Go was first released, it has been widely used in all English speaking countries. However, as it was originally designed for US English, we have frequently been told by our United Kingdom and Australian users that they sound too American when using Proloquo2Go.
We were able to address some of these issues when we introduced the British and Australian children’s voices, but vocabulary differences had not been addressed … until now!
Proloquo2Go 4.0 will contain three different English vocabularies - United Kingdom, Australia, and United States. You’ll be able to select a variant when you create a new user.
Snacks folder in the Australian vocabulary Snacks folder in the British vocabulary Snacks folder in the American vocabulary
Famous Places folder in the Australian vocabulary Famous Places folder in the British vocabulary Famous Places folder in the American vocabulary
Snacks & Famous Places
Snacks & Famous Places
United Kingdom
Snacks & Famous Places
United States

We’ve addressed many differences between these English dialects:
  • Spelling: colour, honour, centre… correct UK and Australian spelling at last!
  • Symbols: SymbolStix has added hundreds of new symbols, so that steering wheels are on the correct side of vehicles; mailboxes, money, and military uniforms look as they should; and more store, sports team, and TV channel logos for the UK and Australia are available.
  • Names: a crossing guard by any other name would be a lollipop man or a crossing monitor. Chips are now crisps, and cookies are biscuits!
  • Locations, Locations, Locations: the Famous Places folder contains Uluru, Buckingham Palace, or the Golden Gate Bridge, depending on which English variant you choose.

We hope you will enjoy sounding more like those around you at home!

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