Road to Proloquo2Go 4 - New Edit Interface

At AssistiveWare, we are also Proloquo2Go users - we create our vocabularies using Proloquo2Go itself. As a consequence, we notice when the current editing interface is getting in our way or keeping us from quickly making the changes we need to make.
In Proloquo2Go 4.0, we’ve redesigned the edit interface to make it more efficient and easier to use. We hope you’ll agree with those who’ve used the new interface at conferences and hands-on trainings - they tell us they really miss the new features when they have to go back to the Proloquo2Go 3 edit interface!
New Features
We’ve added several features we’ve been wanting for years:
  • Select all and Unselect all - for when you don’t want to tap all those buttons one by one
  • Alphabetize selected buttons - for when you want to quickly order any subset of your buttons alphabetically
  • Help overlay - for when you wonder what that icon in the toolbar means
  • New “add button” buttons right on the grid - for when you want to add a button in exactly the right place
  • Folder sharing… stay tuned for more details on this in the next blog post!
New Ways to Access Old Features
We got tired of navigating back and forth between screens in the edit panel just to accomplish simple tasks. We were inspired by the Apple Settings app, which has rows of choices on the left side of the screen and a detail panel on the right side of the screen with more information about the currently selected row on the left.
We’ve used this model to completely redesign the edit panels you’re used to in Proloquo2Go 2 and 3, so you can quickly get your editing done, and get back to more fun things - like communicating!
Help overlay explaining all the edit tools in Proloquo2Go 4 New Edit interface in Proloquo2Go 4
Help overlay - Just tap the question mark!

New edit panels

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