Proloquo2Go is a winner!

Great news: Proloquo2Go is the winner of the 'ON for Learning Award' in the Learning Challenges category. Proloquo2Go receives Common Sense's highest rating (5/5) for learning potential.
Quotes from the reviews:
While there are a number of apps that fall into the category of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools, Proloquo2Go is unique in many ways.
Proloquo2Go readily adapts to a kid's current needs once it's customized. Kids are then empowered to learn word recognition, vocabulary, labeling feelings, and speaking skills.
We are very excited to see that the difference Proloquo2Go makes for students with communication difficulties is recognized by Common Sense Media.
The Common Sense Media learning ratings program is designed to help families and educators sort through the apps, games, and websites that claim to be educational and find the products that truly deliver on learning potential. Ratings are based on robust educational research from leading minds in both the education and digital media fields.

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"Proloquo2Go is a winner!"

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Deedee Young Proloquo2 page to abroad the line

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I have to prol2 phone

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love this app bout it as soon as we got the Autism Diagnosis with my 2 year old son he will be 4 soon and is still completely non-verbal but uses proloquo2go to communicate. we are up to using 2 picture works like small train or big bubble and Want Trains or Want Drink. its taken practice and modelling this app to get him to use it but its Working SOOOOOOO Thankful For this to be in our lives. the Cost was expensive but when parents NEED something for their child we do whatever we can to make it happen and we did and it was all for the BETTER…… THANK YOU ALL who developed this program!! i am in Canada and a group in Edmonton Alberta Kids Uncomplicated has been helping walk me through how to use the app and how to set it up and how to teach our son to use it. we are reaching all the goals so far and its very exciting to see!!!!

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So glad to hear how well your son is doing using Proloquo2Go. You may be interested in joining our Parents of Proloquo2Go Users Facebook Group. If so please go here and ask to join the Parent's group:

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