Proloquo2Go now also supports Spanish AAC users!

It may have taken a while, but today we bring Spanish to Proloquo2Go in a big way! Proloquo2Go 4.1 provides one of the few completely bilingual AAC systems thanks to its new Spanish Crescendo™ vocabulary.

Bilingual use

You can configure your vocabulary in English, Spanish or both with the ability to switch instantly between languages at any time, even mix languages mid-sentence. Now AAC users that are immersed in different languages at home, work or school will have the opportunity to develop their communication abilities in both English and Spanish and more effectively communicate through all aspects of their lives.

Keeping vocabularies in synch

While the Spanish Crescendo™ vocabulary has been optimized for Spanish, it retains the same hierarchy as English, making skills like navigation and categorization easily transferable between languages. And with the Quick Options in Edit Mode you can sync buttons in a specific folder between languages to keep both languages up-to-date, with automatic translations for buttons that are part of the Crescendo™ vocabulary.

Full Spanish support

Proloquo2Go 4.1 treats Spanish as a first class citizen, with all the powerful features that you love from the previous English-only versions. You can choose between a Castilian and North American Spanish vocabulary variant and have access to Castilian Spanish and North American Spanish voices including bilingual North-American Spanish-English children’s voices. Last but not least, Proloquo2Go offers fully configurable access to all Spanish grammar.
"As a Spanish-speaking country, we are very excited to finally have access to a communication app that can enable people with complex communication needs to create complete and synthetically correct sentences in Spanish, which until now hadn't been possible," said Gabriela Berlanga, founder and director of CATIC in Mexico. "Proloquo2Go is a unique app we were anxiously waiting for in Spanish, for many of our students with commmunication difficulties."


Wait, there is more good news. All of this is included for free in Proloquo2Go 4.1, no in-app purchase, this is a free update to existing users. New users can purchase the app on the App Store. 

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