Proloquo2Go Dutch is here!

Good news for Dutch and Flemish speakers! The Dutch version of Proloquo2Go, the popular symbol-based augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app for iOS is now available. Joining English, Spanish and French, Dutch is the fourth available language and is now available for purchase through the App Store.

Proloquo2Go gives a voice to those who cannot speak. It is a symbol-supported communication app to promote language development and grow communication skills, from beginning to advanced communicators

Added support for Dutch and Flemish users

We spent about a year researching Dutch and Flemish core words, grammar and language development. Proloquo2Go now supports the Netherlands and Belgium with region-specific vocabularies and 9 Text to Speech voices - 4 Dutch and 5 Flemish.

The vocabulary can be configured for English, French, Spanish and now Dutch too. Bilingual users will love how easily Proloquo2Go addresses their needs in the other supported languages. The app can switch between languages instantly, and even mix languages mid-sentence. The vocabulary retains the same organization across languages, making skills like navigation and categorization easily transferable between languages.

What makes Proloquo2Go unique

Proloquo2Go is the only AAC app that provides a unique combination of features such as research-based core word vocabulary, thematic templates to support motor planning and full bilingual support. And all that with minimal customization effort!

Who can use Proloquo2Go?

Proloquo2Go’s unique features make it the premier AAC solution for children, teenagers, and adults who can’t speak and need symbol support. Proloquo2Go has been used by individuals with the following diagnoses: autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, stroke, traumatic brain injury and others.


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"Proloquo2Go Dutch is here!"

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