Proloquo2Go 2.1 introduces new voices

Proloquo2Go 2.1 introduces a world’s premier: Josh and Ella, the first pair of genuine American children’s voices. Finally, children who cannot speak will have their own voice and will no longer need to use adult voices or fake children’s voices. Josh and Ella were custom-designed in a collaboration between AssistiveWare and Acapela Group and are optimized for the communication needs of children.
Josh and Ella can be downloaded for free from the Speech section of the Proloquo2Go Options, by going to Speech -> Voice Download Manager to download the voices (over wifi) and then to Speech -> Voice to select one of the newly downloaded voices.
Version 2.1 also includes a few small fixes. Of course version 2.1 also includes all the great features introduced in version 2.0.

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