Proloquo2Go 2.0 offers a mega-update

We are thrilled to announce the release of Proloquo2Go 2.0! Version 2.0 introduces two new, research-based vocabularies: Basic Communication and Core Words. An analysis of commonly used sentences has shown that the Core Words vocabulary reduces the number of steps to build a sentence by more than 30%, when compared to previous versions of Proloquo2Go.

The completely redesigned editing interface of Proloquo2Go 2.0 offers many other new, cool features including:

  • Change the appearance of an individual page or button
  • Hide and dim buttons
  • Create different pages with different grids
  • Order buttons any way you like:
    - Alphabetical: order buttons alphabetically
    - Custom Order: order buttons next to each other anywhere you like
    - Free Positioning: order buttons anywhere you like, leaving empty slots
  • Add Paging buttons for those who cannot swipe
Version 2.0 also offers multiuser support, making it significantly easier for therapists and teachers to support multiple users on one device.
Besides improvements to editing, there are several new voices available as a free download! As a first in the industry, version 2.0 includes two real British children’s voices: Harry and Rosie (learn more and watch videos about this project here). These were developed in a collaboration between AssistiveWare and Acapela Group. Additionally, we now have an Australian male voice as well as several new fun voices. Use the hip-hop voice Saul, the Texan cowboy Micah or the voice of Queen Elizabeth! Moreover, new character voices allow the user to speak with a happy, bad guy, little creature or sad voice.
What really makes Proloquo2Go 2.0 stand out is the depth to which AssistiveWare has gone in not just adding "features" but re-thinking how users and people who support AAC use and edit the software throughout the whole app. Version 2.0 brings some big features and improvements which will improve the user experience for all; the end user and people who support Proloquo2Go users. And its a free upgrade : brilliant.
- Will Wade, Lead Occupational Therapist, Kent Children's Communication & Assistive Technology Service

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