C’est là ! - Proloquo2Go now available in French

With full French & bilingual support
Today we released Proloquo2Go 4.4, which adds full French support to Proloquo2Go. The app offers a Metropolitan French and a Canadian French vocabulary, developed in collaboration with local AAC experts. For bilingual users, the app can be customized in Canadian English and French.

Full French support

All the powerful features that current users may already be familiar with are also available in the French version of Proloquo2Go:
  • Crescendo™ vocabulary with 3 levels in 23 pre-programmed grid sizes 

  • Easy transitioning between grid sizes and vocabulary levels to allow language development
  • Core words in the same locations in all folders to support motor planning
  • Configurable access to all French grammar
  • 17 French Text to Speech voices: 16 Metropolitan French and 1 Canadian French
  • Two genuine French children’s voices, including many expressions and sounds

Bilingual use

To support bilingual users the vocabulary can be used in Canadian English and French. Users will be able to switch between the languages instantly, and even mix languages mid-sentence. AAC users that are immersed in different languages at home, work or school will have the opportunity to develop their communication abilities in English and French to communicate more in all areas of their lives. Proloquo2Go offers the same bilingual support for North-American English and Spanish.
The Canadian French vocabulary retains the same navigation hierarchy as the English one, making skills like navigation and categorization easily transferable between languages. And with the option to sync buttons between languages you can keep both languages up-to-date, with automatic translations for buttons that are part of the Crescendo vocabulary.


Proloquo2Go is exclusively available on the iTunes Store. As always this update is free for existing users.


Are you new to Proloquo2Go? Start here. If you are already familiar with Proloquo2Go and want to set up a bilingual vocabulary, check out this tutorial. We also have tons of resource materials available in French.

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"C’est là ! - Proloquo2Go now available in French"

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Quelle bonne nouvelle ! Bravo à toute l'équipe de développement.

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Delores's hi Proloquo2Go aac

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Dynavox pink aac

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