3 days of discount to celebrate AAC Month

The international AAC Awareness Month is celebrated around the world each October to commemorate and build awareness about AAC. To recognize this special month with our community we will be offering a 50% discount on our apps Proloquo2Go, Proloquo4Text and Keeble and on Gateway to Language & Learning©, the core word vocabulary available through an in-app purchase in Proloquo2Go.

50% off - 3 days only - October 5, 6 and 7

Another reason to celebrate!

We’re excited to announce that during the AAC Month we will be releasing Proloquo2Go in French! Version 4.4, which includes French, will be live on the App Store on October 5.

Save the date

The 50% discount will be in effect from Wednesday October 5, World Cerebral Palsy Day until and including Friday October 7.

Discount on high volume purchases

The discount also applies to Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for Education. When your school or educational organization purchases 20 copies or more, you get an additional 50% off!

Share the news

Do you know people who could benefit from these apps? Spread the word about this limited-time discount!

Do you have questions about the discount?

Contact our support team 24/7 at support@assistiveware.com. We are here to help.

Please note: The discount percentage is based on the US App Store. Exact prices vary from country to country. Bundles will not be discounted during this promotion.

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Comments on
"3 days of discount to celebrate AAC Month"

Tammy Biig's picture

Will Australian users receive this discount? If so how much?

anne's picture

Hi Tammy - yes, the discount will be available worldwide. Our apps will be 50% off everywhere, though exact prices may vary from country to country. We expect Proloquo2Go will be AUD $189.99, Proloquo4Text AUD $89.99 and Keeble AUD $14.99.

Hamza Gehani's picture

Great news, Our 4year male has speech complications, he has Asd features but no one could confirm nor deny.. and because of the current situation here in my country we can not take any further action.
I would be much grateful if you reply to the below questions..
will the AAC essentials bundle be included in the discount?
What sort of iPad required to install the apps? Does the 1st generation iPad mini do the jobjQuery18301869096367612494_1475191554167
Yours Hamza

Pam's picture

Hello Hamza,

The AAC Essentials bundle is not included in the upcoming discount.

Proloquo2Go 4.3 requires iOS 9.1 or later and runs on iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

Could you please email our support team at support@assistiveware.com so we can share resources with you?

Hamza Gehani's picture

Dear Pam, Thank you.
One more thing, I would like to be informed of what apps I need in particular to get started with my child.. It's a bit confusing what is also needed other than the Proloquo2Go app!!
Is the whole package (including: the Gateway, Proloquo4text, Pictello, Keeble... etc) essential to progress with 4year old toddler?
Also, is the app play sounds alond with pics??
Kindly advise.
Thank you

Pam's picture

Hello Hamza,

Pictello is a delightful app so you and your child can create and read stories together!
http://www.assistiveware.com/product/pictello and you can record audio and video.

Proloquo4Text is not likely to be appropriate for someone so young because it's an app for people who are literate and can spell.

We would like to share some resources with you. Could you please email our support team at support@assistiveware.com

Thank you!

Caroline O'Leary's picture

Will this discount be available in Ireland?

Pam's picture

Hi Caroline,

Yes! The discount will be available worldwide. The 50% discounted price will be reflected in the Apple iTunes App Store on October 5, 6 and 7th.


David Hery's picture

We purchase all Apps through the Volume Purchase Plan. Will the discount be available at Apple's VPP site even when purchasing just 1 license?

anne's picture

Hi David - the discount will be available to everyone, so also if you purchase 1 license through Apple's VPP. However, as you purchase only one license you will not get an additional 50% off. This additional discount only applies to those who purchase 20 copies or more through Apple's VPP. Hope that clarifies it!

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