Available settings:

  • Choose from five different themes
  • Select QWERTY or ABC layout
  • Turn vowel coloring ON or OFF
  • Pick one of the 70 fonts, including a Dyslexic font designed for people with dyslexia and a school-friendly font
  • Set key labels to dynamic or always caps

Additional Keedogo Plus settings:

  • Choose between word-completion, next-word prediction and multi-word prediction
  • Configure the number of suggestions and suggestion order
  • Learn all words, correctly spelled words, or turn learning off
  • Adjust height of the word prediction bar
  • Use the cursor keys and delete word key for faster text editing
  • Turn Auto-Capitalization and Auto-Spacing ON or OFF

Can't find the Options button? You may still be using Keedogo or Keedogo Plus 1.0. Please update your keyboard to have access to the Options.