Educational keyboards for iPad

Keedogo Plus on iPad

Features you’ll love

Essentially simple

Grey theme
  • Focus on learning through a simplified layout
  • Support early literacy development with lowercase letters
  • Do not get distracted by auto-correction or spell check

Optimize for early learners

Strawberry theme with Dyslexic font
  • Benefit from lowercase letters and color-coded vowels
  • Choose your preferred font, including dyslexic and school-friendly fonts
  • Choose ABC or QWERTY layout

User comfort

Options on numbers page of Marine theme
  • Use Keedogo and Keedogo Plus in almost any app on iPad
  • Choose from 11 languages, including regional keyboard layouts NEW!
  • Pick from five different themes

Additional in Keedogo Plus

Word prediction in Keedogo Plus on Purple Rain theme
  • Turn Auto-Capitalization and Auto-Spacing ON or OFF
  • Reduce typing efforts with self-learning and fully customizable word prediction
  • Use the cursor keys to navigate through text

Feature comparison


Keedogo icon

Keyboard for beginning typers

Keedogo Plus icon

Keedogo Plus
Keyboard for education with word prediction

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EUR 1.09
AU$ 1.49
GBP 0.99

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US$ 2.99
EUR 3.49
AU$ 4.49
GBP 2.99

Download on iTunes

Discounts for educational institutions available. See the FAQ

Use in almost any app yes yes
Select lowercase letters yes yes
Set ABC or QWERTY layout yes yes
Optional colored vowels yes yes
Simplified keyboard yes yes
5 different themes yes yes
Select preferred font, including dyslexic or large, school-friendly font yes yes
No data collection, 100% privacy yes yes
Turn Auto-Capitalization and Auto-Spacing ON or OFF No yes
User configurable word prediction No yes
Cursor keys to navigate through text No yes

Who is Keedogo and Keedogo Plus for?

Keedogo is designed for children and young students who just started to read, write and type. The simplified layout helps beginning typers to focus on learning rather than being distracted by superfluous functions. Keedogo Plus adds word prediction and cursor keys to speed up typing and build confidence.

Keedogo and Keedogo Plus offer English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Czech and Polish word prediction dictionaries and keyboard layouts, including regional layouts.


‘I sometimes use the word essential in reference to apps but this really is something ALL iPad classrooms with younger students could benefit from.’

Steve Bambury,
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‘Keedogo and Keedogo Plus work beautifully in all apps’

Kate Ahern, assistive technology specialist and teacher
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