Can I teach grammar with Proloquo?

Grammar is an important part of language and communication. In this blogpost we explain how you can teach grammar with Proloquo®. As part of the “Proloquo explained” blog series, it is written for anyone who wants an in-depth explanation of the design of the new Proloquo AAC app.
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Just Ask: What we can learn from AAC users

Last year, we launched a new section of our website called Learn AAC. Our next project was to better support AAC users themselves. Here we share the insights we got from AAC users on their experiences.
6 minute read
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What is PODD?

Are you wondering what PODD is ? Read about this communication system, created by Australian speech-language pathologist, Gayle Porter.
8 minute read
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Choosing between simPODD and Proloquo2Go

What are the differences between Proloquo2Go and simPODD? This article answers a few questions about our products to help you choose which one is the best fit in your Augmentative and Alternative Communication journey.
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