I do not care what you think about climate change. We owe it to our children and future generations to take good care of our planet. Conserving energy, increasing recycling, and lowering our environmental footprint is by definition a good thing.

As a company we feel our contribution to society should go beyond the products and services we deliver. We feel a moral obligation to take good care of our customers, our staff, the society we live in and the planet we live on. In a former life I studied land degradation and contributed to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. So it is not hard to imagine that I take this very personally.

Considering the environment when making decisions is important. For example, when we renovated our office a few years ago we chose all LED lighting and installed a heat pump for our air conditioning. Yet, there are many more things we could do. Like so many people we spend more time thinking about things we should be doing than actually taking the time to do them.

The global climate strike is a great opportunity to not only take part in local protests. We need to ask politicians and policymakers to take more action. Yet, it is also a great opportunity to discuss with team members what we ourselves can do better: individually, and as a company.

At AssistiveWare, we will brainstorm on Friday morning, September 27, to come up with ideas to reduce our environmental footprint. In the afternoon, we will make commitments to carry out the best ideas. We encourage every company, organization and individual to take Friday to focus on what you, your colleagues and your workplace can do to contribute to a healthier planet for future generations.