In addition to iPhone support Keeble 3.0 adds several more exciting new and enhanced features. Version 3 offers three new themes: Strawberry, Purple Rain and Marine. Not only does it now include the OpenDyslexic font designed for people with dyslexia, but it also allows the user to select any of the many standard iOS fonts for the key labels. Keeble 3.0 additionally adds cursor keys and a delete word key for faster editing. A phrase bank provides quick access to shortcuts defined in the Settings app’s keyboard shortcuts section. Typed shortcuts can also be expanded quickly from the prediction bar. In addition to the many other enhancements and bug fixes three new keyboard layouts were added: Flemish, Swiss French and Canadian French.

These new features come on top of Keeble’s already extensive and highly customizable typing and accessibility features. The fully configurable self-learning word prediction and automatic capitalization reduce typing effort, Hold Duration prevents accidental selections and Select on Release and Select on Dwell compensate for motor-challenges. Keeble also includes two keyboard layouts designed for users of Apple’s Switch Control: an ABC and frequency of use scanning layout. The latter speeds up scanning by 30% compared to the standard QWERTY keyboard. For users with vision impairments keys and key labels can be custom colored to create a higher or lower contrast keyboard appearance if any of the 5 included themes don’t meet the user’s needs. Speech feedback while typing further enhances the typing experience for users with vision or writing challenges. Keeble is also fully compatible with VoiceOver to support blind users.

To better accommodate younger students, Keeble offers lowercase letters, colored vowels and large, school-friendly fonts. The user’s privacy is 100% protected with zero data collection.

Keeble is fully localized in English, Spanish, French and Dutch.

Less than a year old, Keeble has been very well received by users with fine-motor or vision challenges," says David Niemeijer, CEO of AssistiveWare, “Version 3 further expands Keeble’s accessibility and customization options making typing on iPad and now also iPhone an even more pleasant experience.”

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