Introduced less than 2 years ago, Proloquo2Go is already having a huge impact on the lives of many adults and children with communication difficulties at a never before seen price point. With the introduction of the iPad by Apple last spring, Proloquo2Go is now a great alternative for other full-sized AAC solutions.

The annual BETT Awards are a celebration of the creativity and innovation that can be found through ICT for education. The awards are given to organizations that have proven to be leaders in their fields.

The judges awarded Proloquo2Go BETT Awards 2011 winner for its good use of up-to-date technology and its use of a mainstream device for a specialist purpose, its flexibility in meeting a wide range of needs and its interface and use of symbols.

AssistiveWare is proud to win this prestigious award together with its UK partner TherapyBox. AssistiveWare would like to take this opportunity to thank its vibrant user community for their support and inspiration that helped make Proloquo2Go what it is today.

AssistiveWare has many new features and enhancements in store for Proloquo2Go this year and is currently previewing version 1.5 at its stand SN19 at the BETT show in London. The key new feature in this free upgrade, scheduled for February, is advanced word prediction.

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