MagniLink iMax is a program with many useful functions for people with visual impairments. The software provides magnification, image enhancement and pointer settings as well as screen reading with high-quality speech output. With the inclusion of the high-quality Infovox iVox Text-To-Speech voices by Acapela Group, MagniLink iMax comes with automatic language identification in the screen reader mode and also includes ConvenienceWare GhostReader - an application for reading selected text and documents, which significantly extends the built-in text-to-speech features of Mac OS X. GhostReader contains shortcut keys for fast and easy access to the text and the user can listen to documents including file types such as Text, Word, HTML, PDF, ODT and RTF. Furthermore, you can convert texts to MP3-files to be played in iTunes, be uploaded to your iPod, iPad or burned onto a CD!

“LVI Low Vision International is the first company to provide a fully Mac OS X compatible video magnifier,” said David Niemeijer, AssistiveWare’s CEO. “Being innovators ourselves we wanted iMax to be the best possible companion product for their excellent hardware.”

With features like split screen, dual screen support, full-screen mode, multiple high-contrast modes, a circular and a square lens-zoom, MagniLink iMax gives you the ability to set the screen mode based on your own preferences. The Contrast Enhancement Mode gives a clear picture with smooth character edges regardless of the magnification. MagniLink iMax is compatible with Mac OS X version 10.6 (Snow Leopard). A 30-day free trial version is available for download from the LVI Low Vision International web site.

“AssistiveWare is the leading developer of universal access solutions for Mac OS X,” said Erik Bondemark, CEO of LVI Low Vision International. “They were a natural choice to partner with for screen magnifying software when we decided to make our MagniLink video magnifier fully compatible with Mac OS X.”

MagniLink iMax is localized in English, Swedish, Danish, Finish, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Norwegian. MagniLink iMax includes voices for a language of choice, additional voices are available for purchase. MagniLink iMax can be purchase stand-alone or in combiation with the MagniLink Student portable video magnifier. Pricing varies per country and language. For more information contact LVI Low Vision International.

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LVI is recognized as one of the world´s leading manufacturers of equipment for visually impaired people. The head office is located in Växjö, Sweden, and currently 40 people are working within the organization. Through subsidiaries and distributors, LVI is also well represented worldwide. LVI's subsidiaries are located in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium and Switzerland. All development and manufacturing takes place in the head office in Sweden. New video magnifiers and software are developed in close co-operation with users and professionals within the low vision rehabilitation industry. The products are sold under the registered trademark MagniLink. LVI has been over 30 years in the industry. With a wider product range and strength both nationally and internationally, LVI will work towards even more innovative solutions that will make every day easier for people with visual disabilities.

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