AssistiveWare Proloquo2Go 7.6 introduces Tamira

  • 1 minute read

Meet Tamira! Tamira, the first Adult African American English (AAE) digital AAC voice, is now available in AssistiveWare Proloquo2Go for all our users.

At AssistiveWare, it is part of our mission to make sure that everyone can say anything, anywhere, at any time. Tamira, developed by Acapela Group in collaboration with AssistiveWare, PRC-Saltillo, and Tobii Dynavox, is a continuation of our commitment to reflect the diversity of the AAC community.

Tamira is the first of two adult and two child voices (male and female) in this new family set of voices AssistiveWare commits to making all of them available in our AAC apps as soon as they are developed.

(Update - Oct 2022)
All of our AAC apps (Proloquo, Proloquo2Go, Proloquo4Text, Pictello and simPODD) now support all four of the African American English Digital AAC voices - Tamira, Darius, Malik, and Tiana.

To use Tamira in your Proloquo2Go, follow these steps:

Step 1

Update to the latest version of Proloquo2Go - 7.6 (you can check your Proloquo2Go version by tapping on Options / About)

Step 2

Tap Options > Speech and Language

Step 3

Within the “Voices” section, tap the ⓘ symbol next to “English” (note that the voice is only available in English)

Step 4

In the following menu, you’ll see “Primary voice” and the voice you’re currently using. Tap that to open the list of available voices

Step 5

Scroll to find Tamira and tap to download the voice to your device. Once downloaded, find the voice in the “installed voices” section above and tap on it to select it.