Girl using Proloquo2Go on an iPad
Tara Coghlan
Communications Specialist

New to Proloquo2Go 6: Symbols and expanded search

An app like Proloquo2Go depends on symbols that are clear, identifiable, and relevant. This is important in getting an AAC learner engaged and interested in the system. It’s also necessary to provide all of our users with vocabulary that recognizes their daily life.

Back to School
Pam Harris
Support Specialist

Back to School for AAC Parents: 10 tips for a new year of Proloquo2Go

New backpack: check! New school supplies: check! New schedule: check! When preparing your child for the first day back to school, it is important to plan ahead. Have a game plan and be calm, be cool, and be organized!

Here are some tips to help you prepare for going back to school and to make sure your child has a happy, productive school year.

Aaccamps 2328X800 Hero
Tara Coghlan
Communications Specialist

AAC Camps 2018: Link Roundup

For AAC users, it can be a wonderful experience to get immersed in a completely AAC-supported environment, and to make connections with their peers. It might be a little intimidating at first, especially for first-time campers, but the rewards are immense.