Aaccamps 2328X800 Hero
Tara Coghlan
Communications Specialist

AAC Camps 2018: Link Roundup

For AAC users, it can be a wonderful experience to get immersed in a completely AAC-supported environment, and to make connections with their peers. It might be a little intimidating at first, especially for first-time campers, but the rewards are immense.

Making a paper-based AAC book
Amanda Hartmann
Speech Language Pathologist

Making a paper-based AAC book

AssistiveWare’s Amanda, Speech Language Pathologist, shares how to create a paper-based AAC book of your vocabulary. With it you will always have a backup communication system if anything should happen to your device.

Speech bubbles with sound graphics
Kit Albrecht

Is AAC always a voice?

We often talk about augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) as giving a voice, but nobody can decide for somebody else what their true voice is.