The war in Ukraine hit very close to home for us. We have multiple team members there. Some have worked for AssistiveWare for over 10 years now. Like all of us at AssistiveWare, they have put all their skills and creativity into supporting AAC users across the globe. Despite the war, they continue to do so whenever they can. They know how important our shared mission is.

Our team’s safety comes first, and we will continue to do everything in our power to support our Ukrainian team members and their families now and further down the road. Yet we want to do more and go beyond supporting our colleagues and their families.


What if we all donate one day of our income to organizations that provide emergency goods, services, and care to Ukrainian war victims and war refugees? Companies can donate one day of their revenue, individuals can donate one day of their income, and even children can donate one day of their pocket money. Together we can limit the suffering and make a difference.

We live in a connected world. The impact of this war goes beyond Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. You and us, everyone is affected to some degree by this war. Whether it is through increased prices, welcoming refugees to your country, or just seeing the images of war on TV and online. It feels like something we are powerless about. The psychological impact of something horrendous that you cannot stop, control or do anything about is huge. Therefore, if we all do something, even something small, it will not only make a big difference to the people of Ukraine but for everyone around us.

How to use AAC to talk about the war

AAC users also notice the dreadful mood of the people around them or see the images on TV. It is important to support AAC users to speak about things happening in the world. Talking about what is happening can help children cope with what they inevitably pick up from their environment. You can take it one step further and give them an opportunity to do something about it. Discuss how you and/or they can make a difference by donating to organizations that support those directly affected by the war. A blanket for a refugee child, medication for an ill person, a place to stay for a family - these are all ways to make a difference. Discuss which organization they would like to donate to.

Your donation can make a difference

Donate one day of your revenue or your income and call others to do the same with the hashtag #OneDayForUkraine

AssistiveWare has donated one day of revenue to the Dutch joint charities. We have personally made donations, and so have our family members. You can make a donation too. You can donate to local or international charities. Below are some suggestions for you to consider.

Updated 24 February 2023:
To mark one year from the beginning of the war, we are reconfirming our pledge in 2023. We hope this is the last update we need to make.

Some suggested charities supporting Ukrainian war victims and refugees:

- Unicef

- International Red Cross

- Doctors Without Borders International Rescue Committee

- International Rescue Committee

- CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund

David & Martijn