For many tasks, such as working memory, sustained attention and switching between tasks effectively, bilingual speakers seem to have an edge. (1)

So how do you make sure Valeria gets the most out of her bilingual advantage? Here's a list of resources that may come in handy:

1. Bilingual Speech Language Pathologists Closed Facebook group
This Facebook group was created for Bilingual Speech Language Pathologists to share their expertise in working with bilingual children and adults. Monolingual SLPs seeking advise on how to work with bilingual clients are welcome and encouraged to join!

2. GrupoLingua - Bilingual SLPs YouTube Channel
Find a compilation of videos aimed at the bilingual Speech Language Pathologist.

3. PrAACtically SLPs: Hungry for Bilingual AAC
A very useful and interesting lesson plan with tips and strategies to incorporate Spanish, AAC and literacy.

4. Two Languages Two Worlds
This blog focuses on the topic of bilingualism. Two Languages Two Worlds invites discussions on all things bilingual: research in bilingual children or adults, learning two languages, language impairment in bilingual populations, funny stuff (cartoons, jokes and so on), and bilingualism in the news are some examples.

5. What Clinicians Need to Know about Bilingual Development
This article summarizes conclusions reached in a recent "Seminars in Speech and Language" publication by Erika Hoff, Ph.D., a professor of psychology in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science at Florida Atlantic University, who provides important information on what clinicians need to know about bilingual development in children.

6. Our AssistiveWare Facebook groups in English, Spanish, French and Dutch

Our Facebook groups are active and welcoming communities that share resources and support.