Supporting AAC users to speak about what is happening in the world

AAC users need to be able to communicate about complex topics.How can you support an AAC user to communicate about these topics too?

Webinar: Getting school on board with AAC

AAC tools, like Proloquo2Go, can be used in schools to support the communication skills of many learners. How can schools get started using AAC across their school? What steps can teams follow? Join our Senior Speech Pathologist, Amanda Hartmann, as she shares a practical guide for schools.

Quick Communication Boards

Check out our brand new Proloquo2Go Crescendo quick communication boards. And start using them to support AAC users today!

The AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom

The doors to the AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom are OPEN! The classroom offers a large collection of learning resources, which are designed to support implementation of any communication device that is based on core words.

Getting started with Proloquo2Go

New to Proloquo2Go? Click here to learn more about setting up the app, core words, modeling, and more.