Support for Apple Watch and new female US English voice in Proloquo4Text 2.1

Innovation has always been important at AssistiveWare: we were the first to release an AAC solution for iPhone with Proloquo2Go back in 2009, and now we are the first to release an AAC solution for Apple Watch!
The Apple Watch just got released today! From now on, all you early adopters out there will have quick access to a selection of phrases after updating to Proloquo4Text 2.1.

AAC on Apple Watch

Third-parties do not have access to Text to Speech on the Apple Watch, so there will be no speech available. However, research from our side has shown that lots of Proloquo4Text users show their text to others, instead of having it spoken aloud.
With Proloquo4Text for Apple Watch you can select a sentence from a list and display that sentence full screen. It will be shown upside-down so that it is easy to read for the communication partner when you flick your wrist in their direction.

How does it work?

For new users, Proloquo4Text 2.1 includes a new category in the Phrases folder, called “Apple Watch”. You need this folder to be able to use Proloquo4Text on Apple Watch. If you’re an existing user, you can either create this folder yourself or create a new user within your Proloquo4Text and copy-paste the folder from there.
The Apple Watch folder contains several pre-programmed example phrases, but just as in any folder in Proloquo4Text you can also create your own phrases and subfolders.
List of sentences on the Apple Watch Displayed full sentence
List of sentences Displaying full sentence
On Apple Watch, your sentences will be shown in a list and when you tap one it will be shown full screen, either one sentence at the time or word by word.

Customizable options

Proloquo4Text for Apple Watch includes options for Appearance (do you want the app to display your text in full sentences or word by word) and for Word Animation Speed (if you have selected to display your text word by word, do you want the words to animate fast, medium or slow).

Other enhancements

Proloquo4Text also includes a new female American English voice, Sharona. Listen to this charming new voice below:

Download Proloquo4Text 2.1

Version 2.1 is a free update for existing users. New users can purchase the app exclusively on the App Store. 
Note that at present third party Apple Watch apps require the presence of an iPhone 5 or later to work.
Download on the App Store

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